Individualized Learning Programs - Setting up Independent Programs and create a tailor made curriculum for your child.

The ILP Manual E-book gives a detailed fifteen page explanation on how to set up Independent Learning Programs for your family. It answers the questions -
•What to include
•How to begin
•How to set up Course
•How to begin with your children
•How to keep track
•How it can work in a Family
•Tips on scheduling
•How to incorporate the Skills Charts
•Reading, Writing, Speaking, Thinking Skills Chart and suitable Courses to incorporate these skills.

Also included is the ILP Supplemental Resource which is over 80 pages and includes more than 35 Courses I have designed for my family. It contains Course Sheets to print out with a Credit Box (if you need to keep track of credits), a suggested link and resource list and blank Course Sheet plus Monthly Goal Chart.

This latest E-book helps you to develop Independent Learning Programs in your homeschool. I encourage you to design your own and be creative! Enjoy learning with your children.

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