Keep on Track Homeschool Planner

Download a stylish and easy to use Homeschool Planner with all the forms you need for four children. Beautifully designed as well as being a guide from your educational goals to your daily details.

Keep On Track Homeschool Planner

It is a simple alternative because:

  • It has all the planning pages you need to homeschool up to four children.
  • it is all set up for you, ready to go and there are no dates - so it can be used for any year..
  • it contains the extra pages - to help you plan and organize your homeschool and family life;
  • It is all in order;
  • Complete and ready for you to download and print;

It is also the stylish choice:

  • beautifully presented with gentle fonts and full colour;
  • each month is presented with different backgrounds for easy reference;
  • embellishments which enhance the planner;
  • guides you through big picture goals, down to daily details;
  • room for goal setting and schedules for four childen;
  • special places for your own comments, journal entries, photos or pictures and monthly reports;
  • becomes a treasured keep sake - a memorable overview of your year - including both homeschooling and day to day activities;

For more infomation, read Keep on Track Homeschool Page description here.

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